Does this ROV belong to you?

B_8LlUIXIAEh5H9.jpg-largeJacob Levenson (@JacobLevenson) drew my attention to an expected discovery on a Belizean beach yesterday…a car-sized, remotely operated vehicle (ROV).  Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.14.21 AM

The ROV was found on Hol Chan Marine Reserve on a reef in front of Ambergris Caye. It measures almost 12 feet long by 6.6 feet wide and 7 feet high.  Both Andrew Thaler (@SFriedScientist) and I managed to confirm the make and model of the ROV as a Quantum XP ROV.  The distinctive characteristic for me was the replicated diagonal supports on the frame.

B_8j4r3UYAAOfNL.jpg-largeI have followed up on Facebook with a colleague and ROV pilot who is well connected into the community.  He mentioned that the model is common throughout the oil industry although the white foam pack, as opposed to yellow, red, or orange, was pretty distinctive.  But most interesting was this ROV was purchased for near $5 million and that is a conservative amount.  Today my friend is following up with several industry contacts.  Stay tuned for updates as they come in.

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  1. Serial numbers from various lights and cameras will identify owner, or at least purchaser of that equipment. Suspect that there would be an SMD serial number somewhere as well…

  2. A Quantum 9 like this one was lost off coast of Trinidad. The former owner was Deeptech Oil Services

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