Nicholas Cage is making a movie about the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Yes, you read that right. I have no idea what it’s about, or why it’s named “The Runner”, but I do know that the trailer contains Nicholas Cage spouting this epic line:

“Even though this is a BRITISH Petroleum spill, it’s AMERICA’S Ocean”

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  1. There are three, count ’em, three movies about Deepwater Horizon in development.

    1. I’m gonna go with my gut and guess the one with Cage will be the worst :)

  2. I lived on Dauphin Island between 2010 to 2012 and it was such a bizarre scenario worthy of a movie…..Nicholas Cage: please make sure and collect\include facts from residents in both Zone A and Zone B to get a real feel for what “really happened during and a year after. Especially the phase of Dispersant sprayed in the middle of the night for months over both the gulf, the Island and the Bayou.
    Could you consider including a few intertwining interviews from those who developed leukemia and lymphoma as well as respiratory diseases. I personally have CLL, a slow growing leukemia that my Oncologist verified was benzene exposure and my Fish Cytometry test reflected smudge cell growth of a couple of years. Exposure: 2010 to 2011, chromosomal changes and bone marrow biopsy confirmed in 2014…at the age of 39. I am an odd aanomaly due to my young age and no hereditary factors. I was also a housekeeper to many vacation homes on Island where we rented to BP cleanup workers for months at a time. I cleaned up the oil residue and gel like Dispersant in the condos weekly. I not suggesting me as a moviexadd on…but you may use my story.
    This goes much further than the actual explosion and the deaths of the poor workers on the rig. There are many facts unspoken of because we are all waiting for court action. I haven’t signed any non-disclosures nor a gag order. So here I will speak up and hope someone will relay this that I have written to the Producers and Directors at my own risk.
    You can make a true, factual ,fascinating, powerful movie out of this. We support you Mr. Cage!!!!

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