OMG Its A Monster From the Deep…Or It’s A Colossal Squid

A Russian trawler for Patagonian Toothfish, probably in the Antarctic Seas, caught video of a Colossal Squid.  The squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, was feeding on one of longlined toothfish.  Some news outlets seem to be suggesting this is giant squid (and hereand here). However, the body shape and size is clearly all wrong for that assumption.  The tentacles are short and stubby, the mantle is shortened but of considerable girth, and the fins are large and tear dropped shaped–all consistent with Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni.  Note the color changes from red while munching on the fish and then shifts to white.

<sarcasm> Of course the Colossal Squid is a terrifying monster from the black, evil depths from the depths of the dark abyss.  They consume humans whole and terrorize babies.  If they don’t eat you, they steal will your soul and commit unthinkable acts with it. </sarcasm>

On another side note, I also find it interesting that some of news pieces include a quote from me.  None of these reporters have actually spoken with me rather they are quote mining from a press release from back in February.  Peculiar.

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    1. That was great! Maybe not quite the Jules Verne version, but still. I second Mary’s comment: I was very happy to see that they did not try to harm this squid.

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