10 Reasons Why the Ocean’s Struggle is Real

1. It’s Getting Hot in Here.

Climate Change


2. One Fish. Two Fish. Red Fish… No Fish.



3. Snow Caps Cones for Everyone.

Ice Caps Melting


4. Too Many Lionfish on the Dance Floor.

Invasive Species


5. I See Deadzones.



6. No Escape from Plastic Monstas.



7. Where Have All the Coral Reefs Gone and Where are all the Cod?



8. Goodness Gracious, Great Plumes of Oil…and Mercury…and all that other crap we put in the sea.

Oil SPill


9. I’m all alone and there’s no zooxanthellae inside me.

Coral Bleaching


10. Fin.



Alex Warneke (112 Posts)

Alex is committed to a life of inspiring others to view science through a more dynamic and empowering lens. Alex obtained her M.Sc. in Chemical Ecology from San Diego State University and most recently resided as a Science Programs Manager and Marine Scientist for the National Park Service. As an ecologist, storyteller, and community engager, she has spanned critical boundaries between stakeholders in education, academia, non-profit, and government to translate the most current scientific bodies of work in ways that are accessible and inclusive. She is a strong proponent of unconventional science communication and extending the broader impacts of science to the public using the outlets of art, digital media, education, and citizen science. Currently, Alex works at the interface of climate resilience and community with the Climate Science Alliance. As Deputy Director for the Alliance, her hope is that through her work and experience she can get the world to think differently about how we connect and impact the thriving ecosystem around us and commit to fostering a more resilient future.

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  1. What is the source for the zooxanthellae bleaching video? Was that from a study?

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