Top 10 GIFs of Ocean Animals Eating Other Animals

1. Cone snail eating whole fish

2. Orca taking a seal

3. California angel shark eating a California horn shark

4. Goblin shark eating a fish

5. Starfish eating a dead whale

6.  Mantis shrimp disabling a crab. Check out the other great GIFS collected at The Wonders of Nature Daily


7. Stingray eating a crab

8. Sand Striker taking down a fish

8. Gymnodoris nudibranch eating a smaller Hypselodoris nudibranch.

9. Deep-sea crab eating a Giant Isopod

10.Turtle eating jellyfish


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  1. I have been in the seafood business for over 40 years

    This my first time on you web site, it’s great.

    Ted Adams

  2. Also check out my site: for many images of lizardfishes eating quite the variety of other fishes

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