Dr. Rebecca Helm

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RR Helm, aka Rebecca, is a Ph.D. candidate at Brown University, where she studies jelly development and evolution under the direction of Dr. Casey Dunn.

Rebecca has worked on projects ranging from biogeography to genomics, but her current and lasting love is a beautiful group of jellies, the stinging sea nettles, and its black sheep member the mauve stinger (Pelagia noctiluca), with its strange open ocean life cycle. Before joining DeepSeaNews, Rebecca was the captain and crew of JellyBiologist.com, where many a jelly tale may still be found.

When not “in the field” (aka the French Riviera) hunting for mauve stingers, you can find Rebecca plowing through data, camping in a desert, working for a safari company, or living in a Zen center. But the best place to look would probably be the local tea house, or any other shop that serves croissants.

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