Clouds in the Hood, Part 2

Clouds can be a sailor’s best friend. Given, you’d have to be an awfully lonely sailor, and probably have to scratch a half dozen unmentionables off the list before you ever got to “clouds”, but, … hey, some modern sailors keep a nice cloud book with them in the navigation room. OK?

Global Bathymetry Map

BrianR at Clastic Detritus brought my attention to a new wonderful bathymetric map of the globe. Despite his questionable...

Blogging the Storm, Part 1

The view from my desk in the kitchen is a sunny garden near the bay, but Tropical Storm Dolly is moving slowly west from 200 km off the coast here in the Gulf of Mexico. I am “in the Cone”. The one question on my mind, though, is how and will this tropical storm intensify?