One More Reason Not to Eat Deep -Sea Fish

Sure there is the destruction of marine habitats issue. Or maybe you prefer not to eat fish from the deep because they are oily, nasty, poop bottom feeders. Those are two fantastic reasons, but there is a third-child labor.

But many poor Pakistani families rely on incomes from their children to get by. UNICEF estimates there are 3.6 million working boys and girls under age 14 in Pakistan, mostly engaged in carpet-weaving, brick-making, agriculture and deep-sea fishing.

Luckily, the people at the U.N. don’t think that a child’s hands provide a certain je ne sais quoi to the abyssal fish plate special. They are sponsoring an initiative put child laborers back in school.

2 Replies to “One More Reason Not to Eat Deep -Sea Fish”

  1. I remember seeing that one Imax special on the ocean rift communities with footbal stadium sized areas teeming with crabs, etc, and I immediately thought of big weighted nets or some kind of suction pipes just sucking this stuff up and trashing the areas. I hope that was just a bad dream and it is way uneconomical.

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