Alvin has Pilots?

I don’t know if you guys caught the comment below from Bruce Strickrott, Chief Pilot of the DSV Alvin. We have been trying to get this guy to write something for Deep Sea News for about a year now. Why? Because Alvin pilots Bruce, Anthony, Gavin, Pat, and Duncan (among others) have gone where no humans have gone before, time and time again. And that’s BEFORE they get to work. They are also hilarious fun to hang out with.

We’re going to be writing lots more about the new Alvin replacement in the coming months. Hopefully Bruce and the guys will chip in with stories from “Nine North” and other places in the sea. For now, check out the cool Dissassembly Movie they have up on their website at Wood’s Hole. You can read up on the History of Alvin, and try your hand at the Alvin Simulator, an online tool to help scientists plan their dives.

Next week I’ll be posting the “Best of the Abyss 2006”. You’ll love it. It’s a good recap. That’s about all you can expect see from me, though. I’m off to New Orleans for an Information Transfer with the Minerals Management Service. Don’t tell Craig.