Friday Deep-Sea Picture (1/19/07)

A new series for you Friday Deep-Sea Picture. Feel free to email us great pictures you find about the web or from you personal collection.


Starfish graze on an extensive bed of mussels on the outer flanks of the cone. Image courtesy of New Zealand-American Submarine Ring of Fire 2005 Exploration, NOAA Vents Program.

4 Replies to “Friday Deep-Sea Picture (1/19/07)”

  1. T^hat image reminds me of when I was prawn fishing in OZ. We hauled the nets one night at about 0300hrs, the nets were heavy with prawn and we were looking forward to steaming back to Bundaberg to off load the catch and drink beer.

    To our shock the nets were loaded with STARFISH. As I undid the cod ends nothing moved as they had wedged in the nets and each one had to be removed from the nets by hand.

    I rember starting fishing again at about 2100 hrs the next day

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