Ode to the Great Taxonomists

New York Times is running a nice article called “Old Men and The Sea” about two remarkable marine biologists that passed this year, Drs. Cadet Hand and Joel Hedgpeth. Hand was partial to sea anemones and Hedgepeth preferred sea spiders. We provide these links to share our mutual admiration, and to pay our respects to the inspiring lives of these two great men.

3 Replies to “Ode to the Great Taxonomists”

  1. The article says “some science journals now prohibit authors from citing papers more than five years old.” Has anyone ever heard of this? (I certainly haven’t.)

  2. News to me. To the contrary, I’ve had manuscripts criticized for failing to cite reports (ie gray literature) almost 20 years old.

  3. i have heard of this. some journals also want you to heavily cite thier own journal to beef up thier impact rating.

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