Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel


Yeah that’s a mouthful of a name…so go with WAM-V. Got to say this is one of cooler designs I have seen, much better than the Flipper boat . Apparently WAM-V is modular and can host either a luxury cabin for two, simple cruising accommodations for up to six passengers, twelve passenger transport, scuba diving platform, lab for collection and on site analysis of specimen, oceanographic equipment deployer, emergency response unit, or a surveillance station

5 Replies to “Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel”

  1. I dont’ know the price as of yet. It looks like they are still in the prototype phase so no word on how long it will take for them to go into production (if they ever will).

  2. I don’t know about water but that thing looks like it could literally blow away on some conceivable winds. The article says it is low draft, which to me implies no keels? Maybe extendible ones. I don’t think you would need a sail with that.

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