Genome For An Endosymbiont Woes

On the 15th, I reported about the recently sequenced genome of R. magnifica. One of the coauthors is not pleased with the papers outcome

Actually, in reality, most everything about this paper, well, kind of sucks.

Why? Not because of the quality of research or the topic.  First, Science favored a jazzy, unecessary figure over content.  Second, Science, and the paper, are not open access.  And let me add a third, the poorly written press release on the work.

3 Replies to “Genome For An Endosymbiont Woes”

  1. FYI – That was not a press release. It was a blog by someone in the press office at Davis. Somehow somebody picked it up and thought it was a press release. I sent the press office an email that said “hey – here is this paper I just found out about that I am on” and they put a little thing about it in the blog. So it was probably written in a minute or two.

    And – then UPI has now picked it up from the blog and is saying we sequenced the Calyptogena genome.

    I am waiting to see what the next twist is.

  2. Well, I am pretty sure the title is why others picked up the blog. If it gets people to think more about the deep sea, I guess I do not care about the exact details.

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