Deep Ocean Web Event

In case you missed Peter and I discussing this program, here is another reminder. DEEP OCEAN AIRS TOMORROW NIGHT ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL. The series is from the BBC. Last year at a deep-sea meeting a BBC representative presented some of the video. Even in its unformatted state, it was truly marvelous. As I recall, a segment shows Giant Isopods swarming a food fall. There will also be excellent footage of coral/sponge meadows on Davidson Seamount here off the California coast. Having seen some of this video and diving on the seamount with ROV’s, I can say you will not want to mist this.

Added bonus. Jot down any questions you have and post them here in this thread. Kevin, Peter, and I will monitor the post and respond.

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  1. While the whale shark is way cool, it is not deep ocean…

    Nor are surface-skimming dolphin…

  2. My favorites from that part:

    Pelagic sea spider and filter-feeding urchins!

    It must suck being on the west coast and having to wait 3 more hours for this stuff!

  3. Davidson Seamount footage was awesome, but sailfish attack and nautilus foraging were my favorite parts. Incredible.

  4. Didn’t you post that footage here at DSN with a link at YouTube? Can you post that link again for the readers?

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