Finally an Ad That Doesn't Make Me Cringe.

I was slow to transition to Sb.  Why?  It was all the advertising that occurs on the pages (although much less than other sites).  Those who have been around for the long haul and remember the old site may recall the noticable absence of advertising.  The positives of the move to Sb far outweighed this so Peter and I packed up and moved over.  Typically, the advertisements are a matter of opinion.  I am no big fan of the advertisement to right because I am concerned about the quality of education through avenues such as this.  That’s my opinion.  Here are PZ’s about another ad.  Luckily, there is an ad I can finally get behind.  The one at the top for the Planet Earth Series.  One of the episodes is dedicated completely to the deep. 


Airs Sunday, March 25, at 10 p.m. ET/PT

The ocean is by far the largest habitat on our planet and it remains almost entirely unexplored. This episode scans the ocean’s vast surface and trolls its depths, revealing daytime hunters and night feeders, from dolphins to manta rays, and life among hot vents and underwater massifs, following the energy source between oceanic white tips, myctopids, tuna, whale sharks and petrels.

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  1. It’s an awesome series. They got the DVD out in the UK in time for Christmas, and my family delivered :-)

    When they ran them on the BBC, they put 10 minute ‘making of’ shorts at the end of every episode, showing how much work (and waiting) went into producing just a few seconds of footage. I hope for you guys’ sake that they don’t get cut for adverts.

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