The ’10 weird things about me’…the meme.

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  1. I have OCD tendencies. All the hangers in my closet have to be the same color and oriented in the same direction.  A stain on my clothing, no matter how small, will cause me to change clothes. My cd, books, and everything else in my life is close to alphabetized as humanly possible.  I can organize the same set of items mutiple times in row and still not be happy.  Any deviation from organization or a plan will completely shut me down for the day.
  2. I do not have toenails on either my left or right big toe.  They look like Chicken McNuggets.
  3. I am overly sensitive to criticism about my appearance, this website, my science, my writing, etc.  I take it as a sign of personal failure if I am not the best.  Yet, I chose science where rejections for jobs, grants, and papers are the norm.
  4. I did not plan to pursue deep-sea biology, but now I would choose nothing else.
  5. I cannot resist macaroni salad or macaroni & cheese, no matter how prentenious my other tastes get. I may also be the only person who likes fruitcake.
  6. I cannot snap my fingers on my left hand or whistle with the right, left, or no hand at all.
  7. Despite my size (6’2”, 240lbs) and what I am told is a formidable appearance, I am not particularly tough or strong.  I despise physical altercations and avoid them at all costs even it means swallowing my pride.  I lost more fights in my youth than won.
  8. I have had more jobs than a majority of the population.  Most required a shower after a day’s work as opposed to before.  They include: handyman at a Motel 6; busboy at a Bonanza; cleanup boy at small supermarket; every position at a Hardee’s; janitor for McDonald’s; cook at a Pizza Inn; clerk at Service Merchandise; cook at the Ol’ Van Buren Inn; general lacky for a construction company; line worker at foldable table factory; truck loader at a Wal-Mart distribution center; art teacher at a Girl’s Club; art teacher at Boy’s Club; muralist; radio dj; mover; desk help at a Ryder Rental; boxer for Hiram Walker; subsitute teacher; host at a Cracker Barrel; lab technician; lab assistant; lab instructor; course instructor; EEG tech in seizure observation unit; salesperson at Power’s Wine Merchants; and a post-doctoral fellow.  Yet I have never been fired and only quit all but one job because I moved or was starting school.
  9. I had a 67 Ford Fairlane.  289 V-8 White 4-Door.  The horn and driver’s side door didn’t work.  It was missing trim and it was held together with love and rust.  When I donated it before I moved to Albuquerque, I wept.
  10. I have a minor in religion.  I have enough classes for a major but failed to take the senior comps.  Despite the unanswered question of why a god would let really evil things (disease, death, rape, genocide, and any number of other atrocities) happen to good people, I still believe there is one.  I am agnostic at best, but never atheist.  I despise ignorance, whether it be scientist of religion or of religious of science.  I despise fundamentalism of anything.   It represents the worst of Christianity when people use a literal translation of the bible to support  their own hatred, such as homosexuality is wrong but don’t follow…1 Corinthians 14:34, women should be silent in church;  Leviticus 20:9, cursing your parents is punishable by death; Leviticus 11:7, no pork!; Leviticus 19:19, no polyester; etc.