$78 Million Is All I Need


Exterior view of Phoenix 1000. Photo from U.S. Submarines

Regular readers of DSN know that Peter and I try to provide all the latest information on all the newest vessels. Regular readers will also know Peter and I have had little success raising the necessary funds from you are readers to purchase any of them. Well here is the next plea and rest assured it will not be the last. Peter and I need $78,000,000 to purchase the Phoenix 1000.

The Phoenix 1000 is a 65-meter (213′) personal luxury submarine…As proposed, the submarine would constitute the single largest private undersea vehicle ever built, and arguably, one of the most significant personal transportation devices of the century…The total interior area of the submarine is in excess of 460 square meters (5000 square feet). The significant volume, coupled with very large acrylic viewports, and the potential for relatively large open spaces, results in a vehicle as luxurious as the finest of motor yachts.

Thats 5,000 sq ft of luxurious underwater living. That is 5.5 times my current apartment size. Of course the downside is that I that I will need to work the next 1,950 years to pay it off.


Interior view of Phoenix 1000. Photo from U.S. Submarines 

But it’s free to keep dreaming and in my dream you are invited along! The Phoenix 1000 has ample space for visitors. So what’s the list of features you ask? Plenty!

  1. 1500-ton displacement but in a streamlined form
  2. Out-performance of smaller counterparts in surface speed, submerged speed and submerged endurance
  3. Very large acrylic viewports
  4. Noted absence of structural bulkheads
  5. Integrated roll stabilization system
  6. A flying bridge
  7. Deck saloon
  8. Large enough to keep a small automobile in the aft section
  9. Docking minisub in the aft diveable to 610m or 2000ft.
  10. A main passenger area consisting of two decks, each 31 meters (102′) long and 6 meters (20′) wide

And of course there is more, but for $78 million you can have whatever you want.

Dr. M (1801 Posts)

Craig McClain is the Executive Director of the Lousiana University Marine Consortium. He has conducted deep-sea research for 20 years and published over 50 papers in the area. He has participated in and led dozens of oceanographic expeditions taken him to the Antarctic and the most remote regions of the Pacific and Atlantic. Craig’s research focuses on how energy drives the biology of marine invertebrates from individuals to ecosystems, specifically, seeking to uncover how organisms are adapted to different levels of carbon availability, i.e. food, and how this determines the kinds and number of species in different parts of the oceans. Additionally, Craig is obsessed with the size of things. Sometimes this translated into actually scientific research. Craig’s research has been featured on National Public Radio, Discovery Channel, Fox News, National Geographic and ABC News. In addition to his scientific research, Craig also advocates the need for scientists to connect with the public and is the founder and chief editor of the acclaimed Deep-Sea News (http://deepseanews.com/), a popular ocean-themed blog that has won numerous awards. His writing has been featured in Cosmos, Science Illustrated, American Scientist, Wired, Mental Floss, and the Open Lab: The Best Science Writing on the Web.

11 Replies to “$78 Million Is All I Need”

  1. Jason,

    Its a submarine. It goes beneath the water. Incognito. Cruise the reefs. You can live in it too. Need I say more??

    I’ll chip in my sons college mutual funds!

  2. Craig,

    Yes, but in 18 years it will be 1/25th! Maybe the price comes down by then.

  3. Does it come with an option for manipulator arms and and 30 chamber suction gun?

  4. Wait a second, does thing even have a walk-in fridge and and a -80?? A tap for distilled water and filtered seawater?? A movie lounge and fridges loaded with ice cream??

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