Cephalopod Intelligence Just Got Better

At the high end of invertebrate intelligence is the almighty Cephalopods, but maybe an additional 512mb of free memory would help. Makes me want to learn Japanese over the weekend so I can decipher this page and order one.


5 Replies to “Cephalopod Intelligence Just Got Better”

  1. Apparently the blue LED is a key feature, as evidenced by the increasing text size in the middle of the page. 6000 yen for a 512 MB stick is wayyy steep for flash memory though…

  2. I take it that something on the tag above says it is 6000 yen? So that’s about $50.

    I would love to see the Japanese commercial for this thing.

  3. Of course the blue LED is a key feature! Not every squid has bioluminescent bacteria in its head!

  4. Actually the signs in the price field simply mean “current price” (時価, jika), but they somewhat resemble the multi-stroke variant of “600” (陸佰).

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