DSN rolls off the press in Daytona

The ongoing story of our letter to the Pope made ink Friday at the Daytona Beach News Journal. This was my first Op-Ed letter. It was pretty easy to do through email. Try it sometime when you have a message for the masses.

Unfortunately, the key link to contact the Vatican at ProPeninsula is broken at the bottom of the editorial. To send your letter to the Pope go here: http://www.propeninsula.org/advocacy/1/5.html

The playbook and the assist for the Op-Ed goes to, J. Nichols at the Ocean Conservancy. He’s been working as a scientist and advocate on the issue of sea turtle consumption for several years. Craig McClain kindly managed the quality control department.

The dire state of sea turtle populations around the world inspired us to put together Megavertebrate Week, starting around April 15. Look for updates on our appeal to the Vatican, insight stories on deep diving sea turtles and elephant seals, and a species summary from our newest feature The Desk of Zelnio.