Sea turtles are bloggers,too

Mr_Leatherback.bmpConservation International wins this year’s Award for Affirmative Action by hiring an endangered species to raise awareness about biodiversity conservation and habitat loss.

His health benefits are probably better than ours. He’ll need those benefits, too. Nearly 90% of leatherback turtles in the Pacific Ocean failed to show up at their nesting grounds a few years back. Apparently, one of them quit the pelagic life to take a jobby job in the nation’s capitol.

Mr Leatherback has become so popular that he blogs daily, keeps a website on MySpace, and he’s friends with rock stars like Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Thanks to generous funding from CI, Mr. Leatherback has traveled the world from Paris to Eqypt, and now, Mr. Leatherback is an online phenom.

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