A Virgin Shall Be With Pup

And a virgin shall be with pup, and shall bring forth a hammerhead, and they shall call his name Elasmobranch which being interpreted is, to beat the gill…

Three female hammerheads in a tank in Nebraska and no males in site for three years. Poof! A pup is born. Realizing that the important part is really the first discovery of asexual reproduction in sharks, I cannot get over the idea that these poor females are stuck in Nebraska and getting no sex.

4 Replies to “A Virgin Shall Be With Pup”

  1. And how many of us here had this quote below in their head?

    Henry Wu: You’re implying that a group composed entirely of female animals will… breed?
    Dr. Ian Malcolm: No, I’m simply saying that life, uh… finds a way.

  2. Tsk, tsk, you are assuming they are all heterosexual sharks. If they can do parthenogenesis, maybe they can do other stuff for each other. Or for themselves, who knows? Did their keepers give them any shark toys?

    I can’t believe I just wrote this. Shark toys.

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