Allah Fish!

I once had a corn chip that looked like Sammy Davis Jr. Unfortunately I was hungry and consumed it. I stumbled across this in my surfing around the web. Allah Fish!

Last year, in the U.K. an Oscar was found at a pet shop that resembled the Arabic Script for Allah. However, this is not the first Allah Fish. In 2003 a fish in India had marking on its tail fin with patterns resembling Arabic characters, on one side of the body reading “Laillah Illalah” (there is no God but Allah) and, on the other, “Sahni Allah” (warning from God).


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  1. Interesting how Arabic’s passing resemblance to some pigmentation patterns makes it prone to being spotted (!) in unlikely places.

    I’m sure there are equally likely/legible phrases to be found on other fish, many of them meaningless and a few possibly even blasphemous.

    I made a comment elsewhere that’s somewhat related:

    If you really did create the entire universe, wouldn’t you find a better medium to leave a signature than a burn mark in a tortilla?

    Allahu akhbar, indeed.

  2. I once had a corn chip that looked like Sammy Davis Jr. Unfortunately I was hungry and consumed it.

    Tonight I had a lobster than looked like a lobster. Unfortunately I was hungry and consumed it. Besides I was paying for the bloody thing…

    Does that mean the great squid in the sky is really a lobster? ;-)

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