Friday Deep-Sea Picture (05/04/07)

Charles Messing graciously shared these pictures with DSN of crawling crinoids. You can see the full movie here.


Cenocrinus asterius, a larger species, in the process of crawling up a roch off of Grand Cayman Island at about 228m


Neocrinus decorus in normal feeding posture at the study site in the Bahamas where the creeping specimen was photgraphed


4 Replies to “Friday Deep-Sea Picture (05/04/07)”

  1. This is just plain awesome. Thanks for posting this! Thanks to Charles Messing for sharing these pictures and video.

  2. Cenocrinus asterius – oh so creepy, but I can’t stop looking! Reminds me of a feather duster…Thanks for the post and the opportunity to learn about something new :)

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