In Situ Blogging

At the end of May, I will be out to sea! But alas never fear, because my dedication to the DSN reader is great! I will be blogging from sea about my daily exploits and pictures from the cruise. Stay tuned for the dates and link to the MBARI website.

5 Replies to “In Situ Blogging”

  1. I am excited about this.. I mean, you will be blogging on board the vessel when you’re out in the sea? I mean, how can you do that? From where will you get your internet access?

    I’m sorry for the stupid questions, but I’m very curious. We used to go sampling in the sea, but our computers were the last thing we’d want to bring with us.

  2. Through a daily satellite uplink I will send an email with pictures back to shore where a very kind hearted person will upload them to the site.

  3. In which sea will you be? How long? My students want to know what you are going to look for or explore.

  4. Blondie have your students post questions on the upcoming post (here at DSN) on the cruise and I can try to answer.

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