Who Owns The Black Swan? Pt II


Yesterday in Part I, I noted that a Spanish newspaper published a picture allegedly from a port employee showing a coin with a bust of King Charles III, ruler of Spain in the 18th century, suggesting the Black Swan was indeed Spanish. Greg Stemm, co-founder of Odysssey Marine Exploration stated the coin featuring Charles pictured in the papers is not from the wreck. Yesterday Roy stated that the picture in the paper was from the Franklin Mint Website (above). The newly developed Merchant Royal Shipwreck Blog (interesting indeed) notes that the picture below is the picture from the Spanish paper. I cannot confirm this as I have not seen the original photo in the Spanish paper (ABC). This site seems to support the idea that the Spanish press lied.


2 Replies to “Who Owns The Black Swan? Pt II”

  1. Well at least they gave Charlie some soft focus; because let’s face it: the man was ugly.

  2. That first image is actually much larger than it appears on screen, and the WIDTH= and HEIGHT= tags are being used to scale it down. You might want to avoid that – it slows down both download and rendering for people with (respectively) slow Net connections or slow computers. It would be better to make a small image and let it display at full size – possibly with a link to the large version for those who want to click to see it.

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