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Behind the scenes Kevin and I are making fun of Peter which now that he is out of town I will do online. See Peter is a bit of traitor toward our invertebrate cousins. You think somebody who studies corals would perhaps name them after some such species. But no…Peter named his computer after a fish. I am so disappointed. On the other hand Kevin, with a computer name after good ol’ invertebrate phlya. Mine? Name after the world’s largest and second largest invertebrates. I guess we know where loyalties lay. Now that I think about it…Peter was the one who pushed for Megavertebrate Week.

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  1. off topic, but thought you should see this

    Speaking of geeky computer names though, my first email username was “Strongy” after Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis – a critter I worked on as an undergrad. It’s amazing (scary?) how easily that name still flows off my fingers as I type!

  2. My home PC is called “downstairs”. I took it from the tutorial on how to use Python Universe Builder where they describe a room called “downstairs”.
    My laptop is called after a Final Fantasy 6 minor character named Wedge, his partner/underling is called Biggs and both of their names were taken from minor characters in the original Star Wars trilogy.

    These are nice by themselves but they’re very far from marine wildlife, so I have this to remedy the situation:
    I started to use the nickname Amphioxus yesteryear on the internets.

  3. So you go diving for a week and these guys leak classified information about your desktop and call you a traitor to your organism. Incredible. No wonder they love their spineless and heartless abyssal brethren. May they go blind staring at a polychaete and stumble off the aft deck.

    Actually, not every computer I own is named after a fish. I have PCs and Macs in mobile and static modes, so I use many name schemes, including constellations, superheroes, and black holes. Nobody will ever find them on a network.

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