Most Polluted River

Not exactly deep-sea or even marine but worth posting. Below is a picture of man picking through the rubbish in the Citarum, the most polluted river in the world, near Jakarta. More can be read here. In some places the oceans and shores are not any better.


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  1. Or was that “depressing”?

    On the other hand, this could show another use for towed fishing gear or perhaps large push-nets, especially if there aren’t any fish or other protected species left in that part of the river to worry about. You’d still have to find somewhere to put what trash you’d remove, but for the pittance you can rig such a fishing gear system, it might be worth a try, especially if the power plants themselves are vulnerable.

  2. Depressing, very depressing..
    And the town mayor/politician should be PUT INTO JAIL for allowing this to happen. I mean, it didn’t become this bad overnight, did it?!

  3. Follow the link and read the entire story, it’s surreal. Amazing how mankind can create such ugliness.

  4. Pelf: This is Indonesia, no officials are ever held liable, corruption is rife there. When a local politician on Bali won an election on his “taking care of the poor” agenda, he celebrated by taking his entire staff to our hotel to spend thousands, throw their trash right were they were sitting/ in the pool and treating the staff like utter shit.

    Jakarta by far the grossest city I ever had the misfortune to visit, whole families sleeping under overpasses, children dirty and naked playing in the traffic, and desperate salesmen trying to sell you endangered species of monkeys and marmosets. And when the river floods there’s outbreaks of /Dengue fever killing hundreds.

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