Allied to Invertebrates

What is Frazier to Cheers? What is Laverne and Shirley to Happy Days? Like one situation comedy spins off another, DSN pinch hitter Kevin Zelnio spins up a new blog over at blogspot called The Other 95%.

Kevin’s title refers to the invertebrate phyla, which make up 95% of the animal kingdom, but receive less than 10% of the attention they deserve. They’re mini-monsters, for gosh sakes. How can anyone NOT be fascinated by the spineless? Type “other 95” into google and then press “I’m feeling lucky”. You’ve arrived at the new Desk of Zelnio.

If that’s not enough to drain your coffee mug, and you’re looking for more inverte-brogia, check out the new Micropolitan Museum at the Institute for the Promotion of the Less than One Millimeter.

Monty Python sits somewhere on the Board, I think. The website mixes micro photography with light humor. The marine collection is a gallery of pictures grouped into subheadings like the “Foram Factory”, “Radiolaria Lounge”, and “Center for Larval Development.” The photo below is one example. It’s a picture of two starfish larvae plucked from the plankton. Take all day and browse the images.