DSN Wins An Award…Finally!


Well three years in to this intellectual hurricane we call DSN and I am going have to take down my beloved “We Never Won A Blog Award Blog Award”. This is all thanks to Jeremy Bruno Over at Voltage Gate who tagged us with a Thinking Blogger award. While it may not be a Tony or a Koufax it did bring a tear to my eye. Part of the Thinking Blogger Pyramid Scheme is that I tag 5 more blogs that get my intellectual juices flowing and they all pay me $100.

  • Kevin has only been on the scene a month or two but already I am hooked on the Other 95%. I read his blog daily for all that is invertebrate and just plain great, informative writing
  • For the insider’s perspective on conservation and policy, and when I need a hit of vertebrates, I turn to Blogfish by Mark Powell, Director of Fish Conservation-Ocean Conservancy. The posts are insightful providing examinations of issues that are rarely discussed and new perspectives on issues drawing attention.
  • Another great conservation focused blog is Malaria, Bedbugs, Sealice, and Sunsets. Part this and part that, it’s one man’s journey to do nothing less than save the world. In this quest, both mental and physical, you get musings that are part travel log, part science, part photography, and part conservation. The writing is top notch and a great way start your day.
  • I am also a huge fan of Galactic Interactions. Rob Knop’s take on academia, policy, and of course astronomy is a breath of fresh air. The blog stands out among the noise that is the repetitive statements of both right and left wing blogging. Rob, who took an unfair beating from the PZ’s masses, boldly blogs on the interface of being both Christian and a scientist providing commentary on topic he has obviously thought about-in contrast to others. His move to the nonacademic world because of the short-sided decisions of a university has left a huge void in academia.
  • The last? Well that is up to you.

10 Replies to “DSN Wins An Award…Finally!”

  1. I’ve been enjoying the Angry Toxicologist – new to SB, but not to the blogosphere. There is lots of stuff to think about over there. There’s also this other blog that has potential if only its author would get off his butt and start typing (or should that be “on his butt”?).

    Also, you’re link to Voltage Gate is broken (actually non-existent)

  2. somehow my original comment didn’t make it through – I got a message saying it was being held for approval, yet my second comment had no problem.

    Anyways, my original comment was that I wanted to nominate The Angry Toxicologist for the Thinking Blog Award. I also had a shameless, though I thought humorous, plug for my own blog, but the moment is gone and I’m afraid it’s not funny the second time around.

  3. Congratulations DSN dudes! Well deserved indeed. I certainly appreciate the nod (thanks too Jim!). My blog reputation certainly takes precedence over Elliot’s and Freya’s future college aspirations, $100 paid in full.

    Rick-you got get out of the bay area if your spending $100 on a friday drinking session…

    Jim-log in and comment as “Anonymous” then go on about how wonderful A to Z is…

  4. Congratulations! You seem to be on a roll! Maybe the faculty assignment will be forth coming very soon.

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