Mile Down Club

With new technology comes new opportunities. So you say your a member of the mile high club…but what about the reverse. Don’t worry neither am I or most. Why? First…I only have eyes for my wife who has never been in a submersible with me. Second…well frankly I am a big guy and…well I need room to operate. Apparently the recent market of luxury subs removes at least one of these barriers.

Manufacturers of some of the world’s most exclusive underwater conveyances are boasting of the sexual possibilities of submersible cabins equipped with “large panoramic viewports” that allow exhibitionists to indulge their fantasies in front of an audience of dolphins and lobsters.

Of course, new technology also brings new problems…horny dolphins.

Bruce Jones, president of US Submarines, a Seattle-based luxury builder, said he had heard of underwater romance being interrupted by curious dolphins. “Dolphins are easily excited when they sense people making love,” Jones said. “They get jealous and bang their noses on the windows.”

4 Replies to “Mile Down Club”

  1. Ah well – if the dolphins can see than you aren’t going to be in the mile under club anyway. I have way too many going down lines running through my head from this story… aaagh!

  2. I don’t know how dolphins are about this sort of thing, but a few years back I was doing my old lady on a beach out by Point Reyes, when I looked up and there was this seal watching. Intently. The damn thing just kind of sat there bobbing in place about thirty feet out for several minutes until I told my girl to look up, at which point she let out a holler of consternation and scared the critter off.

  3. You don’t have to be rich to get a ride in a submarine…
    Check out Stanley Submarines in Roatan, Honduras.

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