And the #1 Thing Not To Do With Your Own Submersible…


…go near the QE2

Duke Riley, a heavily tattooed Brooklyn artist, was arrested after his homemade submarine that looked like an 18th century Bushnell Turtle drifted near the restricted waters near the QE2 ship.

3 Replies to “And the #1 Thing Not To Do With Your Own Submersible…”

  1. The Reuters and NY Times articles name the cruise ship as the ‘Queen Mary 2′ .

  2. I shared the same bit of sea with it last year: it’s huge. I used it as a lesson on the important of keeping a good lookout. I kept asking pupil (and larval boat skipper) if she could see anything, that might worry a skipper no she kept saying. Nothing in sight.

    Eventually, I suggested she might hazard a glance astern. Her ‘oh my God!’ at the sight of the QM2 large and close was good value.

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