It Is Just Alarmism…

As predicted, the bandwagon is rolling. Steven Milloy, of the ironically titled, writes in the Canada Free Press about us “alarmists”. One study questions one aspect of global warming and the whole theory is thrown out.

Why is it when someone highlights a real problem they are labeled an alarmist? …Mr. Smith I don’t mean to cause you grief but the the cancer has spread…Well Doctor I believe your an alarmist so I am ignoring you.

Steven ends his article with “Does it really make sense to regulate first and ask questions later?” as a direct rebuke of the Precautionary Principle. The answer, dictated by responsibility, is yes.

4 Replies to “It Is Just Alarmism…”

  1. I think it’s “Milloy.” It’s important to spell it correctly so we can track the people who trash his pseudo-science claims.

    Isn’t it ironic? You’d think a site named “JunkScience” would be exposing junk science, not promoting it, wouldn’t you? It would be rather like a fire department starting fires instead of putting them out.

    Of course, that did occur in the horror sci-fi story . . .

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