Newsletter 8 from CenSeam

The Census of Marine Life on Seamounts (CenSeam) project released Newsletter No 8 earlier this month. Visit their website to download this and other editions. This particular issue is one of their most extensive newsletters ever, featuring interesting stories and articles about:

– A photographic image collection and analysis workshop in Great Britain
– MBARI’s open-source Video and Annotation Reference System (VARS)
– The deepwater “fish spas” of the Kermadec-Tonga Arc
– Longline sampling for deep-sea fishes on seamounts near the Azores
– A new online data portal from Global Biodiversity Information Facility
– Creature Feature: Black Cardinalfish
– Stalked crinoids
– Traveling exhibit called “Deeper than Light”
– Scientist Profile: Tim O’Hara and his latest publication on ophiuroids
– WWF-News Zealand’s new online inventory and exhibit “Treasures of the Sea”