Science Tattoo

Carl Zimmer over at The Loom as a post titled Branded with Science.

So I’m wondering now–have I bumped into the tip of a vast hidden iceberg, or do I just happen to know the few scientists with tattoos of their science? If anyone wants to send me a jpg, I’ll post it. If you’re worried about tenure, just let me know how the tattoo represents the object of your study. The more personal the link, the better (i.e., not a generic tattoo of pi).

As DSN’s resident bad boy…Peter is the pretty one, you can guess I have a tat. Any ideas on what it might be? Below the fold…


The credit goes to Robert at 7th Street Tattoo in Little Rock, Arkansas who did an outstanding job. What should I get for the next one?

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  1. The irony is… i have 8 tats, but 4 are of..(clears throat) vertebrates. I got these way before I was ever in science, or even knew the beauty and glory of invertebrates.

    I will redeem myself though and get my shrimp tatooed on me when the description gets published (in review now).

  2. Upper right arm. And although not as hairy as Robin Williams I am fully proud of my pelt which seems to have migrated from the top of my head.

  3. Since my pet octopus vulgaris (name: Bad Bad Leroy Brown) was tragically killed in an unfortunate tank-inking accident, I have considered having him (or one of his genus and species) tattooed on me. But then I thought, you know, if you’re going to have a tattoo, why not something really strking? Like a Humboldt, or a vampire squid? I’m still toying.

    Yours looks great. :)

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