Surely Nobody Saw Titantic.

Don’t blame me for not pointing it out sooner, but I have only seen Titanic once and as I recall it was an excruciating experience. Luckily, Leonardo is redeeming himself (more later). The Russian expedition planting a flag on the Arctic floor seems to be plagued with further controversy. Recently, video and movies distributed among media outlets apparently contained footage from the blockbuster movie (above). Who uncovered this? Media?

Nope, a 13 year old Finnish boy with a DVD player.

You can see the video in all of its embarrassing glory here.

2 Replies to “Surely Nobody Saw Titantic.”

  1. Oh my. :-/
    I wonder how high the decision goes to remix old footages not their own.

  2. Ugh! I’d keep an eye on the boy’s mailbox. You never know, some polonium may find its way in there…

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