This is the true story…

…of ten strangers, picked to be on the same expedition, 5 scientists and 5 evangicals working together to find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real…

A group of five scientists and five evangelical leaders began traveling together on August 25th to observe first- hand the dramatic effects of climate change on local people and on the land, ocean, plants, and wildlife of the nation’s northernmost state.

“The goal of our trip is to witness together what human-caused climate change is doing to our world,” said co-leader of the trip Eric Chivian, who shared the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize and is Director of the HMS Center. “While this collaboration may come as a surprise to some, it makes perfect sense. Both scientists and Evangelicals see life on earth as sacred and share the same deep sense of responsibility about protecting it.

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  1. You joke, but there have to be some hilarious conversations going on during that trip.

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