Deep-Sea Water Taste Test

Rick at Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunset recently reviewed Kona Deep awhile back and promised to send along a bottle to taste. Previously, I made a rather bold claim…

Imagine yourself laying on a sandy beach. As you take in the supple views and iconic air, you reach for your multi-fruit, multi-liquor, multi-umbrella, tropical drink. But wait! Wouldn’t you rather have a beverage “bottled and certified at the source in Hawaii…the result of this ancient water being shepherded with special care through a proprietary process that takes out almost all of the salt, but retains important natural electrolytes that are essential for the body and are easily absorbed…”with a “clean, rich taste that quenches your thirst and replenishes body, mind and spirit”? Of course you would, and so would Rick Macpherson. Rick dicussess the hype, science, and yes the taste of bottle deep-sea water, Kona Deep. Rick’s opinion? “And the taste? It tasted like… well, like water. Like ice-cold bottled water. No magic, no paradise, no subtle undertaste of the ocean. Just a mouthful of water. Certainly satisfying, hardly transformative.” Well I’m certainly surprised that it doesn’t taste different but perhaps Rick’s palate for deep-sea water is undeveloped?

So just a few short days later, what arrives in my mail but a lovely bottle of Kona Deep from Rick. So now to back up my claim that my deep-sea water palate is more refined and I should be able to “appreciate” the subtle nuisances of deep-sea water. So in a blind taste test of well water, tap water ran through a Brita filter, and Kona Deep the results were…
I can taste the difference. Kona and filtered tap water do taste different. Unfortunately this is really nothing special as any mineral water of which certainly Kona Deep can be considered, tastes different from tap water. My palate was unable to distinguish from Kona Deep and basic well water. If you got $2 and come across the bottle the fact that it is from 3000′ and doesn’t taste like filthy swill may be worth picking up a bottle. I do have to admit to liking the bottle.

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