Donor's Choose

logo.gifLast year DSN, although not a Sb’ling, participated in the Donor’s Choose Campaign. Various bloggers here at Sb, with the help of our readers, raised money for classrooms across the US. DonorsChoose is an organization that helps teachers fund classroom projects and other student learning experiences. DSN raised over $500 dollars last year to send children from a southern California school on a field trip to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Stay tuned for more details on this. So to follow Janet’s lead

If you’re a school teacher trying to spin straw into gold — or you know a school teacher with grand plans and scarce resources — I’m posting to encourage you to consider creating and submitting a student project proposal to DonorsChoose. You don’t need to be a professional grant writer to do it — just a teacher with a vision for making your students’ learning experience better (and a list of the resources you’d need to make that happen) who can describe your students and your plan in a one page essay.

Janet has more details about the process
and Donor’s Choose is easy to navigate. DSN will selecting a few projects (marine related of course) in October as part of the Blogger’s Challenge here at Sb. If you are a teacher feel free to leave a comment here about your marine-related proposal. If you are a donor feel free to comment on interesting marine related projects you at Donor’s Choose.