Friday Deep-Sea Picture (9/21/07): Inverts From the Deep Gulf of Mexico

The Johnsen Lab at Duke University has several great high resolution (warning: slow loading) photographs of specimens from the Gulf of Mexico (Brine Pool, Garden Bank, Vioska Knoll, Green Canyon) between 1000 and 3000 feet. Photos are courtesy of their of the Johnsen Lab.

The crab Paralomis cubensis


The brittle star (serpent star) Ophiocreas sp.

4 Replies to “Friday Deep-Sea Picture (9/21/07): Inverts From the Deep Gulf of Mexico”

  1. Explanation: I had written about the 14days record in Ponza, of 6 divers living for 2 weeks underwater, but the link for some pictures is wrong.

  2. Beautiful invertebrates!

    And so close to home (for me at least), right here in the Gulf of Mexico. I regret that I’m only familiar with the local invertebrate “jetty trash”.

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