When Crabs Go Bad

Welcome to the ugly underbelly of marine science…The author does not condone the behaviors depicted on this website. Marine invertebrates should not use drugs or consume alcohol”

6 Replies to “When Crabs Go Bad”

  1. This brings back 30-year old memories from college when a hermit crab in my 80-gallon tropical salt water tank went on “tequila binge” consuming all the other inhabitants of the aquarium with the exception of a sea anemone and a copperband butterfly fish while I was away for a few days during a spring break.

    Of course, it is also possible, that all the inhabitants simply got too stoned and the hermit crab was the first to indulge its munchies.

  2. In Singapore, they serve a dish called “Drunken Crab”. The live crabs are placed in a large glass bowl, a healthy helping of brandy is poured in, and the bowl is covered with a lid.

    When the crabs have enjoyed the brandy fumes for a while, they are steamed and served. Very tasty!

    And, I suppose, not a inhumane way to end a crabs life, considering the alternatives…

  3. Oh dear, you’ve totally inspired another song “When crabs go bad”. I’ll have to work on it this weekend. Good Find, hilarious!

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