Who's your favorite?

CK tells me that The Scientist magazine is taking an online poll about your favorite life science blogs. The link to place your vote is here.

There’s no legitimate way to bribe you for your vote without raising questions of impropriety, so instead I will attempt to coerce you with insidious logic and campaign strategery. Look at it this way…

First of all,Craig’s going to be a TV star sometime real soon, so if you vote for us now, you might get invited to his Monterey mansion with an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific.

Next, ask yourself who tips you to the hot new personal submarines. We do. Most people have to go to Popular Mechanics for that kind of information. Who gave you Megavertebrate Week? It was us. No one else wants you to know penguins and turtles dive deeper than 200m. Who gave you Microbe Week? Us again. No other life science blog will tell you how to photosynthesize in the dark.

If you’re into the oceans, you should vote for Deep-Sea News as best science blog because we’re dedicated to reporting on the latest research from largest, most under represented ocean environment, the deep-sea. We’re quirky.

If you’re a colleague and blogger, and therefore a friendly competitor, you should cast your vote for DSN to avoid splitting the ticket. We love you guys. We work hard to represent you.

If you’re into marine conservation, you should vote for DSN as best science blog because we’re watchdogs, even pitbulls, for the deep-sea environment. The contest for best marine conservation blog is next month, right?

Of course, if you work for industry (we know you’re out there) you should vote for Deep-Sea News as best science blog because we’re fair and balanced, and when we’re not, we’re harmless little marine pitbulls, kind of like blacktip sharks, and we pose no real threat to you as long as you don’t chum the waters and make us all crazy.

Did I miss anyone? ; )

Peter Etnoyer (397 Posts)

PhD candidate at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi and doctoral fellow Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies.

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  1. Hi, Craig & Peter,
    I did vote your blog as my favorite science blog along with a few others; You supply steady and update on substantial marine biology sector info that I need to keep up with. I enjoy the info and also the humor you add to enrich the whole feature. Just keep it up as what you have been doing, and I know it will be only getting better and I’ll keep reading. Thanks.

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