2007 DSN Education Fundapalooza Report and Prizes From Seed

If you haven’t heard our Seed overlords are offering $15,000 in matching funds. Seed is also offering some sweet prizes to donors which you can enter to win:

  • 1 fresh, new iPod nano
  • 21 “Seed Hearts Threadless” tee shirts (design here )
  • 21 ScienceBlogs mugs
  • 21 subscriptions to Seed magazine
  • 9 copies of “The Best American Science Writing 2007”

Sweet indeed! Interested? Just forward your email reciept from DonorsChoose to [email protected]

There well be three prize drawings, each on a Tuesday: Tuesday the 15th, Tuesday the 22nd, and Tuesday the 29th (3 Tees, 7 mug, 7 subscriptions, and 3 books per drawing). At the end a draw of one final winner will be done for the iPod.

If you still want to donate to get in on this and can’t because we keep funding projects left and right (a total of 5 so far with a combined donation of $1,440) too quickly, then you’re in luck. I added a new classroom!

I teach at Croatan High School, a North Carolina Honor School of Excellence, a very high performing school which just so happens to be luckily located by the Atlantic Ocean. In my Marine Science and Environmental classes, my eager students have frequent field trips, and typical hands-on experiences, but I would like to offer them a day on the high sea. We are fortunate to be close to the Duke University Marine Laboratory and they have a research vessel that can be rented. I would like to utilize this resource and take the students trawling in the ocean, dredging in the sound and discovering the local effect of our unique geography: ocean, sound, barrier islands and inlets. Being on a bona fide scientific research vessel, working the nets, culling and identifying the catch, salt in the air, wind in the hair…makes for an unmatched day of learning on the “high sea”. My project needs two hours of trawling time on the R/V Susan Hudson, a research vessel owned and operated by Duke University. The cost of this proposal is $355, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

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  1. Why does research have to involve killing? Or as you politely put it, culling the catch. Maybe you should teach your students to appreciate the beauty and complexity of ocean life while it is just that- alive.

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