A Little Mood Music

aquaradio_270x270.jpgWhen I am diving, I have the tendency to get a little bored. Coral reefs…yeah,yeah…brightly-colored fish…yawn…charismatic invertebrates…ho-hum…sharks, octopods, communing with nature, etc. My dives are always missing something. Maybe they would be better with a soundtrack. Songs with crescendos to liven up the rather boring scene. But how do I get the music down there. Luckily, there is the aqua radio! Obviously, I am going to need this as well.

One Reply to “A Little Mood Music”

  1. Here in Hawaii we’re about to enter the season with the best underwater ‘mood music’ imaginable — the humpback whales. Every year around this time, hundreds and hundreds of humpbacks arrive on their annual migration from Alaska to winter in our waters. We can hear them singing on almost every dive here from mid-Autumn until late Spring.

    The first whale of the season was sighted off the island of Lana’i this past weekend. They’re ba-ack…

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