Almost There!

This is HUGE thank you to all of you who have pushed up to 86% of our goal. Our goal is $1100 which was more than we needed to fund three classrooms. At this point we need a mere $166, to put us over our goal and fund a fourth classroom. If we make our goal, we Donor’s Choose will give us a bonus to apply to a fifth classroom! I am very excited we are so near our goal. As this week closes, I bask in the contentment of knowing we accomplished something great and are inspiring tomorrow’s marine scientists and conservation minded citizens. So help me make this final push.

The final classroom we are trying to fund is William Penn Elementary School in Indianapolis, Indiana. 87% of the students in William Penn are from families below the poverty level. The teacher’s request is simple-an aquarium, supplies, and other materials to augment the experience for this first grade classroom. Isn’t $166 dollars little to spark just one child’s imagination?

2 Replies to “Almost There!”

  1. Okay, so I’m a slacker and haven’t yet donated. I’d like to, though, yet there’s a problem: the challenge isn’t met (supposedly), but the DonorsChoose website won’t let me donate for any of the DSN projects. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. Wow it looks like another one of projects got funded. I have added a new one that you can donate to! Thanks for the FYI FishGuy

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