Plastic Or Not?

Beth Terry over at Fake Plastic Fish caught an error in this post about Evert Fresh Produce Bags.

I was reading the list of plastic alternatives in your post on Deep Sea News, and I noticed you recommended Evert Fresh produce bags as being non-petroleum based. I believe that they are in fact petroleum-based. The rep at the company told me that they are polyethylene mixed with clay….I am still waiting for the owner to get back to me to confirm what the rep said and get more details. But even confirmed for me that they are plastic, even though they don’t mention that fact on their web site. I would love to see more open disclosure about what these bags are made from. I think that quite a few people believe that they are made from something biodegradable when in fact they are not.

Why would I think they were non-petroleum based? Amazon’s website…Product

Save money! Evert Fresh bags use revolutionary technology to preserve freshness and to prolong the life of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers without the use of chemicals. How it works: Evert Fresh bags absorb and remove damaging gases. Most fruits, vegetables and flowers release damaging gases during the natural ripening process after harvest. Exposure of the produce to these gases accelerates aging and ultimate deterioration. Evert-Fresh bags remove these gases to prolong the life and freshness of produce. Reduce Moisture Build-up These bags are also manufactured to reduce moisture build-up inhibiting bacteria, fungus, mold and decay. Reusable Made from non-petroleum materials. Reusable! Measures: 7.1″ W x 17.1″ H x 4.7″ gusset Each pack contains 10 bags

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  1. Hi. I checked the Amazon site. The bags are not actually sold by Amazon but by an Amazon associate called Greenfeet. So I guess Greenfeet is the person or company that made the possible mistake.

    I called Evert Fresh again today. I am having a very hard time getting clear information from them, and the woman who told me the bags were made from polyethylene (Michelle) no longer works there. (I just talked to her last week!) So now I’m waiting for Tyra to find out what kind of plastic they are and get back to me.


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