Reason #111 Not to Pursue A Job In Oceanographic Sciences

Maybe another reason for scientist to carry Glocks in the field.

A boat carrying six scientists from Waltair-Vishkhapatnam-based regional centre attached to Goa-based National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) was attacked two days ago off Yermal coast in Udupi district of Karnataka, top level officials confirmed. The assailants arrived in two different native crafts, got into the NIO boat and took away the geo-physical survey instruments after a brief scuffle, a NIO spokesman stated. The NIO officials, who were yet to confirm whether the act is a case of piracy or of loot for petty gains, stated that they were still studying the case.

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  1. My buddies and I pack heat when we go fishing on the Gulf of Mexico. Sad, but sometimes a “show of force” is necessary.

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