Rotating Banners

Spent some time today remodeling the website. The biggest difference you will notice is a rotating masthead. Currently there are three in random rotation. The first one is the one you are familiar with. Those of you with us since the old days will recognize the second masthead, our very fist for DSN. The third is a new one inspired by one of my favorite movies. Here’s the exciting news! Create a banner for DSN and if it is up to our exacting standards will include it in the banner rotation. Banners needs to be 756 by 101 pixels. Post links here or send them by email.

3 Replies to “Rotating Banners”

  1. Cool- I’ve noticed a few Sciencebloggers who have that rotating thing going on. I would like to figure out how to do that with my bears. It shouldn’t be that hard really, I might take a look at your source code to see if it’s something I could do. I won’t steal!

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