If you are in the neighborhood and want to see a ship sink


The much loved Texas Clipper will be sunk on this Thursday as part of the ships to reef program. Those from Texas A&M Galveston will remember the 473ft ship as a classroom from 65-94. Those older might remember the ship as the USS Queens, a troop and wounded carrier during WWII. Will try to post pictures as the come available.

3 Replies to “If you are in the neighborhood and want to see a ship sink”

  1. But… aren’t those metals valuable? What will happen when operating mines will cost more than scavenging those ships?

  2. Wow! That looks like it would be a really fun dive in a few years, after it gets some good growth. The above people who don’t like the idea haven’t been on an artificial reef, I guess. I live in Victoria, BC, and there are quite a few artificial reefs around here that are really popular dive sites. The tires in Florida were not really a good idea, but a great big ship won’t fall apart like that. The ships-to-reef program sounds really interesting, and perhaps I’ll have to plan a little dive vacation there in the next few years.

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