Monster Squid Captured on Video?

An upcoming episode (Nov. 14) of History Channel’s Monsterquest will supposedly show the largest squid ever caught on video. A squid researcher with film crew in tow filmed a squid estimated to be between 50-100 feet long at 1,000 feet in the Sea of Cortez. How did they get the video? They strapped a small camera to another large squid, the Humboldt (I would love to see the logistics of that), and released it back to the deep. You can see the teaser video for the episode here. And before you ask…yes you will have to sit through the entire episode to see the 15 seconds of video.

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  1. Should have added:
    One of the people who was on the film crew is posting in that discussion, as well as Dr. O’Shea (the giant squid researcher)


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