That's One Hot Shirt

Kevin was one of the winners of the three prizes in the DSN Fundapoolaza Challenge. Might I say he looks damn fine in that t-shirt! I’m not saying I have a man crush on Kevin just that octopus shirt from the Monterey Bay Aquarium is nice.

4 Replies to “That's One Hot Shirt”

  1. I’m wondering how a regular lay-person who doesn’t get to travel that often and is on a student budget, might acquire a Monterey Bay cephalopod t-shirt? (I’m jealous of Kevin Z).

    I don’t encounter many cephalopod t-shirts, and would like some, especially if it helps to fund other aquariums. I am currently seasonal staff/volunteer at the Vancouver aquarium, and we don’t have cephalopod t-shirts at VanAqua (at least, last time I checked we didn’t). Also cephalopods are my marine inverts of choice, (if I ever met Roger Hanlon for example, I would quake in his presence).

    I could even, if it appeals to you, offer a t-shirt exchange – a Vancouver aquarium t-shirt for you?? Unless of course, you are satisfied with your gift shop wardrobe already.

    p.s. Any news on the show yet? Or is it just a lot of waiting? Or did I miss an announcement?

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